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Donation for Ventrilo
Linksthor 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Apr 2013
We are looking for donations for our Ventrilo server the cost is $99.84. I have put in $20 plus for any fees that might be missed for this year. The Ventrilo server needs to be renewed by May 3. So we are looking for only enough to pay for the server right now so we are looking for $80 more to do that.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
If you can help great.


15th Apr 2013 Linksthor
This what is going on our facebook page so looking for about $10 more for our Vent
15th Apr 2013 Linksthor
David Ebah Baer i got ya on 25$ again... just inbox be your infor for paypal...ill also ask jr since he doesnt really check this lol

Brian Bastian I'll do $20

David Ebah Baer i spoke with Fleury and he said hes ok with it , im assuming 25 for him as well ...and it looks like that if he does do 25 then it looks like we are about 10 bucks off.... WHO WANTS TO DO IT?!?! i could be wrong about the 10 Greg Burns do the math lol

Greg Burns Yes $10 is what we are looking for.
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