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Double XP!
AuntLou42 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Nov 2013
Double XP is live until Sunday! The Forty Deuce will be packed with players trying to get dem certs! The Main platoon will be rolling over bases and Dolphin Ops will be rolling over faces. Join the squad/platoon that best fits your playing style and will net you the most XP. For a full explanation of our operations Click Here.

Main Platoon should be running most of the time so ask in outfit chat for an invite. If there isn't one feel free to get one rolling. Keep in mind the platoon leader is usually quite busy so you might have to poke for an invite more then once. Platoon leaders can kick nonmembers to make room but remember be polite and apologetic when doing so. I'm expecting allot of us to be on over the weekend so by all means feel free to start up multiple platoons.

I'll have Dolphin Ops up starting at 4pm(PST) and will have it running through Sunday(minus my sleeping time). It might not be listed so feel free to send me a tell get in. This goes for everyone, friends, allies, DPSO, H0SP etc. The XP is thick and pretty consistent. I was running 50K+ most of the night last night. Yum! Keep in mind Dolphin is usually only 1 squad so space is limited and most of all remember no questions and no orders.

Trivia is tomorrow nite! Friday 11/22/13 7pm(PST). I've begun writing questions and so far the categories are: Planetside 1, Caverns, Planetside 2, Test Server & Developers. So yeah for those of that actually pay attention to will have a head start and you can research up. Winner will receive a Forty Deuce dog tag! Click here for more info on Novembers events.

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