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Donation for Ventrilo and Web Site
Linksthor 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th Mar 2014
Hello Forty Deucers;
It is that time of year again we are looking for donations for our Ventrilo server the cost is $110.93.  The Ventrilo server needs to be renewed by May 3. The Web Site is also due but much sooner one spot on the site says 11 days as of 3/19/14 another spot is 27 days.  We need to choose what plan we want which has been changed from last year.  They have made many updates to the web site which has increased the yearly rate. The two choices are Premium or Premium+ our legacy plan is receiving all the great features of the Premium+ plan.   Sorry tables are not working
Here are differences:
It's Always Free!
Free Themes
8 Panels / Page
8 Custom Pages
8 Ranks
Premium Features Restricted
All Other Features


Just starting out
All Basic Features
No Ads
5 GB File Hosting
Announcement Popups
Custom HTML & CSS
Match Reports
Priority Support
Download Center
15 Panels / Page
15 Custom Pages
15 Ranks
15 Automations

Most Popular!
All Premium Features
All Premium Themes
Tournament Manager
Infraction System
Shopping System
Multi-theme Pages
Brand Control
Footer Customization
25 GB File Hosting
Enterprise DDoS Protection
Unlimited Panels / Page
Unlimited Custom Pages
Unlimited Ranks
Unlimited Automations

For huge communities
All Premium+ Features
50 GB File Hosting
15 Slot TeamSpeak 3 / Mumble / Ventrilo
Low latency, high quality servers in US (east, central, west),
Upgradable to 400 slots at fantasic rates.

Basic            Free
Premium+    $129.95
Premium++ $169.95
Also the domain name is coming up September 25, 2014 so I’m bring that into this fund raiser to get all things covered for the year. Last time I paid for the 2 Year plan myself these options are:
1 Year   $11.49
2 Year   $22.98
3 Year   $34.47
4 Year   $45.98
5 Year   $57.45

So we need to pick which plan to go with that will determine the amount we need to raise for this year expenses.   I would like do do that as soon as posible let us make a choice by Monday March 24th 2014.
So we are looking for only enough to pay for the vent server, domain name, and  the web site right now.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
If you can help great.

19th Mar 2014 tarmie
Need to get a bitcoin donation address up!
19th Mar 2014 Linksthor
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19th Mar 2014 Linksthor
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