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Today's (7/15/2014) Downtime
TimMad 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Jul 2014
Hey folks! If you're wondering about the servers being down today I'm here to help!

While the in-game server is up and working, most people are unable to log in or even access the SOE website. Sony forgot to pay the bill on the server that they use for hosting. This has effected all SOE games as of right now.

Here's the latest update from SOE's twitter ... s/489071188543414272

According to this tweet, while some of the issues are clearing up, some users may experience this issue for up to 48 hours.

17th Jul 2014 KatsMeow
I hope no one used the stuff people were saying to use just to play for one day.... you need to delete it out.

PlanetSide 2Verified account
RT @dcarey7761: Emergency downtime scheduled for Friday 6am PST. Users who changed DNS settings will be forced to change them back to...
2:07 PM - 17 Jul 2014

15th Jul 2014 ZeroX771
try this video to gain access early. alot of people has said its working for them. its just the DNS server isnt updated, not that the servers are DOWN but just they have the wrong DNS address. ... atch?v=o_Fs9eOOVyg if you could post this video to the forums that would be great too as i dont have access right now.
15th Jul 2014 Landrew16
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