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Game's rocket pack
AuntLou42 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 28th Jul 2014
Looks shady but apparently it works via Deringer of Reachcast: ... e-2-Starter-Kit.html

29th Jul 2014 Crazy Commie
It works for me. Went to sleep last night after internet going down and not getting it. Woke up just now and saw I got it 8 hours late, but it did activate and work and didn't give me trouble with actually activating the code.
29th Jul 2014 Tycholas
I bought this last night and it seems legit. Seems like some people were having issues using paypal so I'll outline my process that worked.

I signed in to their website using my Amazon log in, and I used a credit card to pay (it added 3% for a total of like $7.15 or something like that), I got a confirmation of the transaction by email nearly instantly that said my purchase would be sent in 5-15 minutes, and in less than 5 minutes I had another email with a PDF with a code for the guns/sc/7 day boost and another for the 3-day boost. I entered the main code through the game while signed in to my Vanu character and received everything, including the other faction guns. Haven't input the 3 day boost one yet, so I guess I can't comment on that one just yet.

Hope that helps!
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29th Jul 2014 Crazy Commie
30 minutes in and nothing yet. Still processing.

I don't believe it's a company that's ripoff or anything, but definitely could work on the whole system. Verification calls and longer than promised delivery times (even if it's an extra hour which I don't mind much) kinda turns a lot of folks away.
29th Jul 2014 Crazy Commie
Right now I just bought it.

1. Went thru PayPal. Very quick to register and process
2. Something about irregularities happened so they sent an email instantly
3. Gave home phone (since I don't use the email or my home phone at all really)
4. Instantly got a automatic verification call.
5. Processed instantly and said it'll be 5-15 minutes till it's finished.

I'll post back in 15 if it went through or not.

28th Jul 2014 HoboG
whoever buys this please update this thanks!
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