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Server Smash Practice NOW
AuntLou42 7 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Aug 2014
Server Smash practice is NOW. Hop on Vent.

29th Aug 2014 Calahas
Hey everyone. Several months since I last played with you. I'm a nobody, so don't bother trying to remember me.

But! I have a YT video on my channel from when I played with T42 in march this year, and I recently got a comment on that video where someone complained about this outfit. That there's a lot of teamkilling going on, and that low rank members aren't treated well. I'm not going to argue with anyone on here. I just want some info. But this guy really seem to hate this outfit. Really weird.

I remember being treated well. I was just a regular member, but I even got to lead squads a lot of times. And I enjoyed the company I had. So the reason I am here is just because I'm worried, and want to get a piece of mind from other members. Every outfit has its bad apples, and you can't control the actions of others... so I'm sure it's just a matter of that.

Still, would be nice to get some feedback. Sorry for butting in like this with bad news, but hey... I'm here because I care.
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28th Aug 2014 Escrinox
I'm extremely appreciative of everyone who came, and am hoping to do another like that next Wednesday to see how we improve, but I still have to go over details and whatnot.
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28th Aug 2014 Drohac
Good times! The feedback was very helpful for the smash group. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
27th Aug 2014 Karradery
That was a solid start to the scrims everyone. I agree with Bread.
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27th Aug 2014 Bread
It was an AMAZING turn out for practice. We should do these kind of scrims once a week. It was really fun!
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27th Aug 2014 FellatioDelToro
I'm in the middle of a move no net yet :/ fight hard guys
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27th Aug 2014 Warplo
I won't be on till around 6:30
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