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TK42 Team Killing and The Forty Deuce
AuntLou42 15 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Sep 2014
Let's make a conscious effort to reduce TKing outfitwide guys. Be a little more careful and as always do not purposely TK.
Track your progress here:

7th Sep 2014 ZenosArrow ... holder So this guy booted me out of his mag and tked me because I was shooting a reaver with the Saron, Lo and behold, he's in the outfit. So I asked why he couldn't just boot me, no need to shoot me in the face with the FPC. Then proceeded to troll in outfit about how he had everyone muted, and shot/ran me over a few more times for good measure.

I've reported another tker but I know the person I reported it to is not able to kick them. And both are still in the outfit. ... kychrissywest C4ed me in the warpgate for no reason back before the patch, i still honestly have no idea why, never exchanged words.
5th Sep 2014 kuroxyuki
Though I probably get like 20 kills a night... and run over that not rendered friendly.. and debris kill 4-5 people when someone blows up my support vehicle etc etc.. and that one or two people that run in front of a live weapon XD.
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3rd Sep 2014 Vahnya
5.3% haha
2nd Sep 2014 theSandManTV
3.97% for me!
2nd Sep 2014 Zeradatul
Yeah I am like 10%, I think it is from Libbing and Magging :(
2nd Sep 2014 AssaultTaco
1.6%. Proof that I'm just a nice guy trying not to flatten teammates.
2nd Sep 2014 AuntLou42
.6 for me! Yes that is .6 as in undrer 1%.
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1st Sep 2014 Tribilin

I feel dirty already...
1st Sep 2014 GeneralSunTzu
5.4% of 600 kills....

That's the problem with Thermals, zerg fights, Plasma pods and IFF not working :P

Oh, and 1 guy who was running around ATMing our own sunderers. Had to give him a commissioner to the head before he could throw the sticky to detonate.
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1st Sep 2014 Crazy Commie
2.76% ain't bad at all. I very rarely TK on purpose, but it seems I always shoot a rocket at a enemy Sundy and hit a friendly or something like that
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1st Sep 2014 RickFlist
Sweet jeebus... Almost 12%. I don't stop shooting when idiot teammates walk in front of my weapon but 12 percent? Dayum.
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1st Sep 2014 GluxPow
5.48% for me... :/
1st Sep 2014 Karradery
I love how Higby has a 50% TK rate lmao.
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1st Sep 2014 ImGonnaGoShootThings
I'm under 2% woot woot!
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1st Sep 2014 GeneralSunTzu does not seem to work....
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