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Server Smash Update
TimMad 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Sep 2014
Sorry for the frequent new posts guys but this is necessary update info for BOTH Server Smash dates.


For those of you participating in the server smash this Saturday, Escrinox asks that you be ready and logged into comms NO LATER than 12pm PST. To Quote him, this is because "we wanna be there at noon because everybody has to set up and it gives me the chance to go over the battle plan. Plus we know something is going to break and have to be fixed, so I wanna be there early..."

Escrinox has been chosen as squad leader for the second Server Smash date as well. His experience and the fact that no one else stepped forward has earned him this opportunity. I am sure he will do exceptionally
Signups for T42's squad in this event are still open! Go to  THIS THREAD and post to sign yourself up. All the pertinent info is already there.

If you have any questions about either date, feel free to contact myself or Escrinox either on the forums or on Ventrillo.

10th Sep 2014 Escrinox
This practice is mandatory to secure your spot in the roster for the Briggs match, there will be another scrim on Friday in case you missed the first one. Repeat, show up to the scrims if you want to secure your spot!
9th Sep 2014 Escrinox
Practice for the Briggs match is going to be on Wednesday 6:00 PM Pacific Standard time, hope to see you there. We will be scrimming against any other T42 people who will volunteer their time.
7th Sep 2014 Escrinox
Unfortunately we did not win the Connery VS. Emerald alert, however, we won't stop trying! Practice begins immediately on our TR alts on live as of monday. Sorry we couldn't win Emerald, but we can take Briggs!
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6th Sep 2014 Escrinox
We love your guys' support, and I know it would brighten the guys' day to see all of your support! So don't be afraid to give it and give a shoutout to your ServerSmash team! We love the enthusiasm and feed off of your energy! Come and give us some support! Imgonnagoshootthings and myself will both be streaming the event (With a LONG delay) So hopefully you guys come check it out and give us a shout. take it easy T42! And watch us kick some ass.
5th Sep 2014 Escrinox
Game Day is Approaching folks. Are you ready?
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4th Sep 2014 unbless
yo yo, T42, i don't know if any of you remember me but i've guest lead a platoon of yours a few times (a while back)

BEST OF LUCK in your upcoming match against us in the BRIGGS vs CONNERY server smash... heres a funny vid of some shenanigans we get up to on BRIGGS ;) :- ... atch?v=jdHz9SW6tN8
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