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The Forty Deuce TK percentage
AuntLou42 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Sep 2014
I'm proud to announce that after about a month The Forty Deuce's TK percentage has lowered from a 5.62% to 4.92%. Awesome job guys and keep it up!!!!   ][T42]

25th Sep 2014 KatsMeow
Actually guys - some of the TK'ers are just regular peeps - even officers/leaders.

Some of my TK-ing is when a same faction person goes running in the room while we're all shooting.

How about the guy who goes running across five people who are shooting - you're the last one and you get the TK. lol

Sometimes our own vehicles run over our faction and there isn't a thing you can do about it. You know the moment - when you spawn on a sundy and die immediately from the damned thing. Johnny just TK'd you. *eye roll* I wish this could be fixed.

How about that C-4, Frag or Anti-Vehicle nade you just threw in the room.....five VS go running in...... lol, I hear a joke on this one. You just TK'd your guys.

I'm trying to work on lifting the trigger when a moron goes running in the room thinking "I've got it guys!"
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21st Sep 2014 kuroxyuki
aww we have blatant tker's? who are these monsters O:)
21st Sep 2014 ZenosArrow
Yet blatant tkers are still in the outfit :(
21st Sep 2014 Naravas
Keep up the good work, people! Usually mine is about 2-2.5% but it jumped almost a full percent recently because of my vehicle shenanigans on Indar. I really wish SOE would sort out vehicle gunner deaths counting as teamkills, without that I'm sure a lot of our members would have very few TKs overall.
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