The Forty Deuce 1 on 1 Tournament
The Forty Deuce 1 on 1 Tournament
Scheduled Start:
8:30 PM Fri 27th Sep 2013
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Double Elimination
Entrance Fee:

The Forty Deuce 1 on 1 Tournament
Format: 16 Player bracketed double elimination
Location: Test server
  Test server download:

Details: Players will be randomly placed into the brackets. Locations will be set for the 1 on 1s and players will play a 2 out of 3 matchup.

Preset loadout:
Class: Engineer
Defense: Nanoweeve
Gun: NS-???
Pistol: Player's choice

Everything is subject to change!

27th Sep 2013

Sorry guys seems the tournament time thing is screwed up. So just to let everyone know the tournament is at 6:30pm Pacific time (8:30pm Central).

27th Sep 2013

Oh, engineers as a preset?
Maybe we should change up the rounds a bit as we go from 16 to 8 to 4 to 2.
For example:
Round 1: Infantry only (Work with the preset)
Round 2: Flash combat [Each person tries to kill the other on a flash] (Flash presets: Turbo, Nanite, Combat Chassis, Basilisk (wep))
Round 3: Base Defense (One person tries to cap, the other defend [Players do a heads/tails-like decision for who defends first])
Round 4: Knife Fight

26th Sep 2013

i should be able to join, i might be a tad bit late but ima try to get on in time.